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Coronavirus Update – 16th July 2020
Whilst we are in lockdown our Epilogues are continuing with many of our staff leading them.
The visits are going well and being enjoyed by all those who attend. Although these are held outside in the garden, if the weather is against us, these are held in “Eric’s Shed”.
We are looking forward to having our “furloughed staff” back with us on 1st August, 2020. Michael will finally be returning to the UK on 22nd July 2020, but will unfortunately be unable to return to work straight away due to the quarantine regulations.

Coronavirus Update – 19th June 2020
Just a brief update this week.
The relative visits went ahead as planned this week, with a number of our residents being able to see their loved ones and friends for the first time since March. As these visits took place outside, we are extremely thankful that the rain held off enabling them to take place unhindered.
All the visits have gone well so far and we will look into the possibility of holding more. However, we do need to have additional staff on duty when these visits take place and since they are already covering for furloughed staff we have to take care not to overload them.

Coronavirus Update – 11th June 2020
We are pleased to announce that we will be allowing short 20 minute visits from Wednesday to Friday next week. These will be by appointment only, between the hours of 10am to 12 noon and 2pm to 4pm. The visiting area will be outside in the car park at the front of the Winchester Road houses. We will be writing to all our residents’ families to inform them of this change; some by email (so please check your ‘spam/junk’ folder) and others by post.
One of our staff members was trained as a hairdresser and she has been offering this service to a number of our residents. Several have already had perms, haircuts and the usual shampoo and blow dry. The most recent session has taken place today.
For those of our residents who like to have some chocolate, fruit and other personal items, that would normally be brought in by their families/friends, we have been placing orders with Sainsbury monthly for either delivery or on a click and collect basis.

Coronavirus Update – 4th June 2020
Unfortunately, there is not much to update you on this week.
We are pleased to report that the results of the Covid-19 tests carried out on all staff and residents last week all came back negative. We are truly thankful for God’s protection over the home, our residents and staff.
Activities for the residents are continuing; with the singing of many 1940’s/50’s hits on Monday, a film of Inspector Morse on Tuesday and a bible quiz on Wednesday. A keep fit session will be held this afternoon as usual. Friday we will be holding our weekly prayer meeting and on Saturday we shall sit down together to enjoy another film.
We continue to monitor the situation with regards to the easing of the countrywide lockdown and the advice issued by the Government.

Coronavirus Update – 28th May 2020
We are continuing to be Covid free within the home.
Tomorrow (29th May 2020) we will be carrying out Covid-19 tests on all staff and residents as a Directive from the Government.
We have a number of staff currently on furlough who we keep in regular contact with; all are well and looking forward to returning work when the current scheme changes.
Our cook, Michael has been in contact with us and is hoping to get a flight home shortly. We will all be very happy to have him back as he has been greatly missed by staff and residents alike.
We are currently considering methods by which our residents can have contact with their families as the countrywide lockdown eases. In the meantime some have been making contact using facetime.
We are currently keeping a close eye on our stock levels of PPE in order to manage the situation. We would like to thank Anne Terry for her assistance in obtaining disposable gloves; this helped us through a difficult time when we were unable to source adequate supplies from our normal suppliers.

Coronavirus Update – 15th May 2020
Once again we are pleased to report that we are all still well.
Our ‘street party’ to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE day was a success, with plenty of food, a home-made cake and singing (please see the photo gallery for photos).
We understand that the Government is changing some of the guidance regarding socialization, but at this time there are no changes envisaged to our policies and procedures.
We do ask that relatives do not attempt to make contact with our residents through the windows, as this causes distress as some have a lack of understanding of the current situation.
Unfortunately we are now finding it hard to source some PPE, especially disposable vinyl or nitrile gloves. If anyone has any recommendations as to where these can be sourced or can offer assistance it would be appreciated.

Coronavirus Update – 7th May 2020
We are thankful to report that we are all still well and are grateful to all those who are praying for us.
Our cook is still in India, but we have been able to appoint an additional cook to support him when he returns.
Residents are appreciating letters and telephone calls from their families. Although, at busy times it may not always be possible to pass the telephone to residents at that moment and you may be asked to phone again.
One of our staff recently led a sing a long and dance session; we had some Spanish songs followed by Rock and Roll where a number of residents joined in the dancing with their zimmers.
As we have been unable to take our residents out, we held a Strawberry Tea in house (please see the photo gallery for pictures).
Most of our residents took part and enjoyed a Songs of Praise activity on Wednesday.
As this Friday is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day we will be having a ‘street party’ to celebrate.
Although we are still managing to purchase everything we need to keep the home safe, we have experienced some supply issues.