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Coronavirus Update – 10th September 2020

Much has happened since our last update.  Following our most recent round of Covid-19 testing we are pleased to report that all staff and residents continue to be free of the virus.

One of our residents has recently celebrated her 90th birthday (see photo gallery).

Our session of ‘Cooking and Baking’ was a success with many of the residents taking part (see photo gallery).

We recently had a pianist visit (who had been tested for Covid-19 with a clear result), which the residents enjoyed.

Our weekly family and friends visits on Wednesday and Thursday are continuing successfully.

Coronavirus Update – 10th August 2020

All of our “furloughed staff” successfully returned to work last week.

All of the staff and residents were tested again for Covid-19 last week and we are pleased to announce that once again all test results were negative.  Staff will continue to be tested on a weekly basis.

The picnic on 30th July 2020 was a success with all those who attended enjoying themselves (please see the photo gallery for photos).

Coronavirus Update – 30th July 2020

We are truly thankful that we continue to remain free of the Covid-19 virus.  However, from next week we will be carrying out weekly Covid-19 tests on all staff and our residents will be checked every four weeks, in line with the current Government Guidelines.

Our “furloughed staff” will be returning to work from 3rd August.  Our Chef, Michael, will also be returning to work on Thursday, 6th August.

This afternoon we will be having a picnic for our residents (pictures to follow next week).



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